Flooring Benefits

Hardwood Improved

Homes today are active environments. Maintaining real wood can be time-consuming and purchasing laminate flooring will sometimes sacrifice style. Raintree is a hybrid of authentic and waterproof materials with a high-performance rate.

Real Wood Can’t Be Faked

The natural variation in real wood creates an authentic design. In real hardwood floors, you never see the same board twice. Without the repeated pattern typically found in faux wood visuals, you can be assured that every hardwood floor from Raintree is uniquely your own.  While printed visuals may check a box, they fall short in creating the same nostalgia or luxury inherent to the real deal. Natural hardwood floors are more valuable because every plank is unique and adds warmth to any space, a feeling that even today’s most advanced printing technologies cannot replicate.

Using Authentic Materials

It is no secret that bringing natural materials inside contributes to a healthier indoor environment both mentally and physically. With Raintree, you can bring the authenticity of real hardwood to your home, with added performance and easy maintenance that exceeds traditional wood constructions. Our hybrid structure fuses the waterproof properties in NINJA Core H2OTM with the beauty of a real wood veneer protected by our NINJA PET GuardTM  for a floor that is as practical as it is beautiful.

Functional Beauty


We protect our real wood wear layer with a proprietary urethane topcoat, NINJA PET GuardTM , which repels moisture and is reinforced with aluminum oxide to provide maximum scratch and wear resistance. This revolutionary coating makes Raintree products compatible with wet-mopping, a cleaning technique that damages uncoated hardwood. The aluminum oxide particles strengthen NINJA PET GuardTM because the microscopic crystals create a physical barrier in the coating to resist damage from foot traffic or scratches from your pet’s toenails.


The real wood wear layer is supported by our patented NINJA Core H2OTM , a high density, moisture resistant layer that is completely made from compressed stone and plastic. The density in NINJA Core H20TM is evident just by feeling the weight of Raintree. This solid layer resists indentations from high heels and heavy furniture and is completely unaffected by moisture in concrete subfloors.

Real Wood That’s Easy to Maintain

It can be challenging to find flooring that perfectly blends style and performance. As a hybrid product, Raintree was developed to do both. It’s a functional flooring solution that doesn’t compromise on authentic beauty or durability.

Installing a hardwood floor that can be wet-mopped is incredibly easy to maintain and creates the freedom to live life without worry. Even while raising children, caring for pets, and entertaining guests, our flooring offers unparalleled design, performance, and care-free maintenance.

Life happens. Spills happen. With Raintree, you can easily care for and maintain your floors without worry.

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