Making and Impact with Influencer Brit Arnesen

Real life happens in our homes, and for all those amazing moments that take place on your flooring – from your baby’s first steps to prom photos – we’re thrilled real people are choosing Raintree Flooring! We’ve partnered with bloggers and influencers who have chosen Raintree Flooring for their homes; get to know some of the stories behind their new flooring experiences and discover some incredible flooring transformations.

About Brit Arnesen

Brit Arnesen of britdotdesign is a popular influencer who writes about her love of interior design as she lives her dream with husband Derek and their two kids in a Midwest fixer-upper. After being selected by Better Homes & Gardens to be one of the twenty featured designers for the exciting 2021 Spring One Room Challenge, Brit was incredibly motivated to convert the attached garage of their home into an additional "den" with a fireplace.

When it came to selecting the flooring,
Brit chose to partner with Raintree.

“I love the fact that Raintree flooring has the characteristics of authentic wood, yet it's waterproof and scratch-resistant, making it the perfect choice for a household with two young kiddos, three cats, and a dog,” says Brit. “It was also super easy and convenient to find the right one. Their website was a breeze to navigate, and I was able to order free samples to ensure I got the perfect style for our home. Not only that, but Raintree provides installation and maintenance guides on their website, making it beyond easy for DIYers like us.

” Brit chose waterproof Raintree Castle Creek floors from Raintree’s Aspen Estates Collection for her flooring and chronicled her DIY installation.


Installing Castle Creek.

Citing Castle Creek’s 100% waterproof core topped with sliced European white oak as the characteristics that caught her eye, Brit also noted the ease of installation, low maintenance, and sound insulation as reasons for choosing Raintree flooring:
“It was really fast and easy to install due to its locking tongue and groove system.

It's also easy to clean - it can be swept, vacuumed, or wet mopped without worry because of the topcoat that protects it not only from moisture; but from scratching too! I love the way it feels underfoot and also the fact that it's super quiet - that is, no annoying clicking or creaking sounds as I walk on it.”


This efficient floor installation helped Brit and Derek complete their biggest project in the shortest amount of time, also their first project using every valuable skill learned since completing their first home remodel. Their official Spring One Room Challenge “Desert Deco Den” Reveal is nothing short of stunning, and Brit notes that the Castle Creek planks made all the difference.


“Then there's these oh so beautiful waterproof hardwood floors from Raintree. Honestly, these floors might make the biggest impact of anything we've done! ”We love them so much we have decided to install them throughout our entire home.”
View the full line of Raintree Waterproof hardwoods to find the perfect flooring for your next project.


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